When User Experience becomes the focus of your business, we'reyour go-to studio.

Improving the user experience of the leading stock trading application in Israel.

UX Strategy, UX Design, Product Management

Restructuring the leading aesthetics chain in Israel.

UX Strategy, UX Design, UI Design

Improving one of the leading investment houses in Israel.

UX Strategy, UX Design, UI Design

Better logistics for one of the largest consumer goods companies in the world.

UX Strategy, UX Design

The first educational podcast app for students.

UX Strategy, UX Design, Product Management

Optimizing processes in retail stores chains.

UX Strategy, UX Design, Product Management


We help some of the biggest companies in the world improve their digital products for their users.


Efficient and user centered design.

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    Dux Design specializes in product strategy for both developed solutions and yet-to-be developed ideas.

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    We pour our hearts into every project, we take the time to learn and research every aspect of it.

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    We guide enterprises, SMB’s & individuals in their product endeavors and make sure that the end result is everything they strive for whilst taking the users needs & behavior into consideration.


The face behind the studio

Dux Design's team has over a decade of experience designing user experience for different sectors and markets. With a vast background in product management as well as entrepreneurship, we are able to see the full picture, not just the product and its users, but the business aspect of it as well. Such experience assists in increasing the conversion rate and navigating the product to profitability whilst minimizing the development costs & staying loyal to impossible road maps.

Our Motto

It's not about designing pretty screens. It's about designing great experiences and at the same time thinking about the business as a whole, making sure that ideas come to life as planned.

Our services

Whether you need an upgrade to an existing product or seeking a guide to a successful launch - We’ve got you covered.

  • Product Strategy

    Helping you find the added value of your product by conducting a proper research based on users analysis, competitors’ evaluation and market fit analysis. Asking the right questions in order to create a strong foundation.

  • UX Design

    We design user-centered wireframes which are easy to use and navigate. We then iterate on those designs to ensure they meet user needs and wants whilst always taking the business model & budget into consideration.

  • UI Design

    We conduct a visual research in order to select the appropriate visual elements, such as buttons, icons, and typography. Alongside animation & transitions - we provide a full solution for development.

  • Product Management

    We manage the time tables, schedules and road map for each step of the project. We are the connecting factor between the business side and the tech side - translating one to another in order to maintain productivity throughout.