better logistics management process for Oral-B Israel.



Project Type

CRM System, Internal




Product Strategy, UX Design


P&G approached us with the idea to develop a system which will allow cross communication and daily logistics management for 4 different departments. When creating a system for a large corporation that has several departments (i.e several types of users), we need to consider their different behavior & tech level and provide a solution which allows every type of user to easily reach their work space & functionality.


After having several interviews with every single department, we identified the tangent points between the departments. It assisted us in constructing the data architecture. We emphasized the functionality that was mutually used by all departments and allowed each type of user to easily navigate to their workspace within the system.

We simplified the work method by using the departments tangent points as the baseline for the data architecture. We created simple flows with a low learning curve in order to enhance the proactive cooperation between all employees