The first academic podcast app in Israel.


Bar-Ilan University

Project Type

Application, Podcasts B2C




Product Strategy, UX Design, Product Management


How to make an academic podcast app interesting enough to compete with content available in other applications such as Spotify, YouTube and Apple Podcasts? How to differentiate our app from others that are bigger, longer lived and have so many active users? And how to do all that in a minimum budget.


We didn’t want to “invent the wheel”, we relied on existing and familiar flows so we can lower the learning curve, we simplified and unsophisticated the design yet kept it elegant and up to date and most importantly - we focused the content on educational subjects only, but with a twist. We created categories that are actually interesting and relevant to everyone’s every day life.


We created a simple, interesting, one of its kind podcast app. The first academic podcast app in the country. Demonstrating simple UX, easy to navigate flows and overall fun application - in a bare minimum budget.

Final UI design by Firma Brands.
Sherry worked with us for over a year, during this period she served as a professional consultant & UX designer for the Bar-Daat podcast application. Sherry guided the process of characterization, design and development of the app. Throughout the entire time, she showed dedication and professionalism.
Ori Hillel
Marketing Communications
Bar Ilan University