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Project Type

Application, B2C


2022 - Current


Product Strategy, UX Design, UI Design, Product Management


CareLaser’s application is used mainly by existing clients who want to independently schedule their appointments and track their package usage. The application was outdated, had complicated user flows and did not provide needed functionality such as expanding packages, rescheduling of appointments and more. The challenge was to reconstruct the product and add substantial amount of functionality while maintaining a low learning curve for the thousands of active users.

The previous experience

When we looked at the users behavior and analyzed their in-app actions, we found that:

  1. We need a new information architecture
  2. We had to redesign the entire app in a more innovative and up-to-date design
  3. Key features need to be added for the users advantage
  4. This is our chance to utilize technology for our business advantage and allow users to independently manage their account


We decided on a simple structure which will allow the clients to easily, visually distinguish the functionality they already know from the new great functions we’ve added. We put our main focus on user experience and simplified processes whilst upgrading the look and feel of the design.

We redesigned the user flows, added important functionality and upgraded the look & feel of the application when our main focus was simple user experience and simple processes.

Over the past year, Sherry has done significant work in improving Care’s internal work processes, making the flows more accessible and significantly upgraded the user experience - in almost every technological product we have, internal (internal management systems) and external (the Care application).
Tsach Harary
CEO CareLaser