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IBI Pillar

Project Type

Web App, Financial Management




Product Strategy, UX Design, UI Design


IBI Pillar’s systems are built in Microsoft Dynamics, meaning there is not much we can do when it comes to user experience, we are to be aligned with templates. The challenge was to better the user experience, add important functionality and redesign the entire product whilst staying within template guidelines so we don’t have to redevelop the entire app.

The previous experience

When we looked at the users behavior and analyzed their actions, we found that:

  1. We need a new information architecture
  2. The content was not organized properly, bits of relevant information were scattered across screens
  3. The navigation needs an upgrade - as well as the content provided
  4. We can use this opportunity to add marketing elements which for the long run assist in increasing our conversion rate


We stayed true to the template but “cut corners” wherever we could. We used different IBI pallete colors to redesign the screens, reconstructed the content so new functionalities had space and added a more innovative look and feel.

We provided simple to develop solutions so we can stay within goal to not redevelop the entire app and yet, we managed to enhance the usability of the product and create a more simple user flow for both existing and new clients.

Sherry is professional, thorough and sharp, understands well the needs of the customers and the business environment. Sherry has Pleasant manners, available, patient, diligent and delivers excellent products on tight schedules.
Leah Listenberg
IBI Pillar