The leading stock trading application in Israel.


IBI Smart

Project Type

Application, Fintech


2022 - Current


Product Strategy, UX Design, Product Management


IBI first approached us with the need to better the user experience their app provides. When we took a look at the application, the main issue we encountered was the lack of data organization and the repetitive content the app had suggested. IBI’s challenge was the UX but we advised to begin with the reconstruction of the app due to the faults we found in their data structure.

The previous experience

In comparison to competitors and market standards, we found that:

  1. A new data flow construction was a must
  2. Vital content for users had to be added
  3. The user experience had to include additional key-features
  4. We had to redevelop


The solution divided into 2 parts: Firstly, reorganize the existing content and build a better user flow based on generated data. Secondly, research the best UX methods for stock trading and implement them into IBI Smart.


We reconstructed the application to give it a more sensible content flow when our main focus was to better the user experience and elevate the conversion rate.

We hired Sherry to improve our existing trading app - IBI Smart. Other than the outstanding work she has done bettering the UX, she reconstructed the product and made it more intuitive, cutting-edge UI wise and up to market standards. The work process was always so easy, well managed by Sherry, and most importantly - quick and responsive.
Amit Gurion
Self Trade VP - IBI Trade